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NatureRx, is a natural company that is primarily CBD based. We believe that some products going into our bodies through the skin and our environment can negatively impact our wellbeing. We use whenever possible Natural, Organic or Food grade Essential oils, Premium Carrier oils, and Gentle Cleansers. At NatureRx we take pride in creating high quality, hemp-derived products your family will love. Whether you are looking for something soothing, calming, focusing, nourishing, uplifting or balancing, our products address an array of needs using the finest Full spectrum CBD, CBG and THC free CBD available. They will quickly become a part of your everyday routine. Our founder truly believes in the power of nature to instill harmony and balance in our lives, and this shines through in every product we offer. We can also customize certain products for your individualized needs.

Our founder had sustained several injuries which had caused fractures and hernias to multiple locations on the spine. Over the years arthritis had developed in the old injured areas. There was daily stiffness, pain, and anxiety. While trying to find the best natural solution before giving in to surgery, our founder came across CBD.  This quickly became something that had to be part of a daily inflammation and pain management. Soon after NatureRx was born and now we want to share the same amazing holistic products with you. This solution may not be a cure, does not replace surgery, and works best in conjunction with your doctor's treatment plan for you. Results vary from person to person but we believe our products will help most of you that are looking for pain relief, better mobility and general well being. If you are looking for a holistic approach to ease your inflammation, pain and anxiety why not give our brand a try and see if it can help make your everyday easier.  

At NatureRx we believe that everyone should feel their best every day. Nature has given us a way to help our bodies alleviate some inflammation and the soreness that comes with it.  Take control of your wellbeing with our innovative CBD products. We follow the highest standards of purity and potency, using Colorado Hemp grown in an organic fashion. We craft our products using Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolates, providing for your varied CBD needs.  We sourced out best manufacturers for our Essential Oils and Terpenes so that our products may help promote the "Entourage Effect". CBD and Terpenes are a powerful duo which together may have notable health benefits.  We offer Topical and Ingestible CBD products. We carry Adult and Children line of products well as Targeted Topicals for Medical Spas and Physical Therapists. Children and Med/Spa line of products can be customizable at special request. Send us a message and we will happily send you a quote. 

The communication between the Brain and the rest of the human bodily organs is quite intricate and also very connected. The human Endocannabinoid system (ECS) starts in the brain, regulates multiple organs and tissues of the body and plays a major role in balancing important functions such as but not limited to the following: appetite; mood; sleep; memory; reproduction/fertility; inflammation and other immune responses; motor control; pain; digestion; liver and cardiovascular functions; skin and nerve functions; stress.

The Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal Axis (HPA) which is part of our Central Nervous System sends signals to the Peripheral System (such as the nerves and their branches) as well as to the Adrenals (in the Endocrine System which controls our fight or flight response and Hormone secretion). These are all separate systems but connected as part of our Endocannabinoid system. The HPA is one of the major neuroendocrine systems that responds to and mediates the effects of stressors. During chronic stress and inflammation, both the Endocannabinoid (ECS) and Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA Axis) become imbalanced. Full Spectrum CBD with THC binds to receptors in CB1 and CB2 while CBD interacts indirectly with receptors in the ECS. When Terpenes are added to CBD, there is an increase in the cannabinoid's efficacy. Both THC and CBD play a role in promoting better cannabinoid signaling and preventing them from breaking down, helping to improve the regulation of the HPA which then can allow our bodies to better achieve homeostasis of the systems.


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